The basic kit can be extended to a flatbed trailer.
Flatbed Trailer

with thill equipped with a handle or a tractor/snow-mobile hitch.

Can also be hitched to a bicycle.

The following accessories are required:
Bed 103x95 cm x 2 halves
made of marine plywood.
4 corner elements (set of 4 pieces). SDS401.19
Telescoping support bar in 3 parts 
length min. 52 max. 95 cm.
2 fork fasteners SDS401.33
Spring pin, 40 mm, 1 package (5-pack) SDS401.14
Spring pin, 70 mm, 1 package (5-pack) SDS401.13

For use with a tractor/snow-mobile the T-handle in the basic kit is replaced by the following accessory:
1 hitch for tractor/snow-mobile SDS401.32
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