Build a beekeeper wagon from the Smart Dolly System (SDS) basic kit.



Back pains ?
Heavy burdens ?


At last a wagon for small-scale beekeepers.

The wagon's 16" wheels and high clearance allows for easy passage over rough terrain.


The wagon fits through standard 80 cm dooropenings (31,5"). You can in most cases roll right up to the extractor!


In this picture a now happier beekeeper has a platform mounted on top of the wagon that is adapted to beehive boxes.


The strap holding the boxes in place is fastened to the handles that are included in the basic kit.

           biodlare_2bilder.jpg (119658 bytes)




The marine plywood platfom is a beekeeper accessory that is adapted to beehive boxes.

vagn_flak_kupa.jpg (48724 bytes)




The basic kit can be configured into four wagon variations:

Beekeeper wagon,

Canoe wagon,

Garden cart or

Bicycle carriage.


At delivery the kit is packed in a 70 liter plastic box and can easily be assembled or disassembled and packed away as desired.