Build  your canoe dolly from the Smart Dolly System (SDS) basic kit.

  It fits all canoe hull forms.

Tuff terrain is easy to navigate when all canoe hulls are perfectly secured with our unique cradle solution, big wheels and stable dolly.

When the dolly is securely attached, the canoe can not wriggle out of position.

If the ground is very rough and sloping in different directions the canoe will adjust itself in the right position for each situation.

Get over obstacles!
The handle grips on the sides of the dolly helps you to lift both the canoe and dolly over larger obstacles.

No damages
If the ground is stony, push the canoe directly out into the water and lift off the dolly from within the canoe.
Obviously you can mount the dolly on the canoe while in the water before you reach the landing. 


Basic kit
The Smart Dolly Builder system is delivered in a durable plastic container which during use forms the loading box.



Transporting the dolly

When you need to bring the dolly with you on your vacation or on trips to your cottage you can easily pack it into the durable plastic container.