Basic cart builder kit, Smart Dolly System (SDS)


Our cart builder, Smart Dolly System, is patented by Nature Nigh Sweden AB. 

Frame: Galvanized and powder painted  steel sheet metal.
Height 51 cm,  width 74 cm, between the gables  minimum width 69 cm, maximum width 91 cm.

Wheel: Plastic polypropylene or steel spoked wheel with inflated tire and ball bearing hub.
Strap: 25 mm wide and 4m long. Maximum load 300kg.
Plastic box: Sturdy plastic box, 70 liter with cover.
Weight: Circa 16 kilograms for the basic kit.

Clearance: From the ground to the under edge of the transverse tubes, 48 cm.
Maximum load: 100 kg for the frame
Maximum speed 15 km per hour
Delivery: Can be packed into the plastic container within a couple of minutes.
Transport: The basic kit is packed and delivered in the plastic box that is included in the kit.