Build your garden cart from SDS, Smart Dolly System, basic kit






A 70 liter durable plastic box gives you a dolly to your garden.

You can transport apples, leafs, soil, water and most of what you need in the garden.

Or, couple the dolly to your bike, load it with food, drink and a blanket and bicycle out for a nice picnic. 

When you need to take the dolly with you on your vacation or to your cottage you can easily pack it into the plastic container.

One or more extra boxes can be stacked on top of one another. The small wheels on the bottom of the boxes fit into the depressions in the boxes cover. All can be secured using the included nylon strap.

A tractor and snow mobile hitch is an available accessory.

Expand the wagon by using several accessories such as a wagon floor, wire net sides, a sheet metal pan and more.

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The basic building kit, Smart Dolly System, is delivered in a durable plastic container which during use forms the loading carrying box. Three wagon variations can be built from the basic kit: A canoe wagon, a bicycle carriage and a garden cart.