Build a sled-wagon from the Smart Dolly System (SDS) basic kit.

The basic kit together with the ski accessory package plus a snowmobile hitch is what is needed for a snowmobile sled.


Use the snowmobile hitch to easily hitch and unhitch the sled-wagon (See catalog ).

Now it is easy to take along all you need for a winter excursion, the grill, food, blankets as well as ice fishing equipment. You can load 50 kilograms into the plastic box.

When traveling on vacation or to your cottage you can easily disassemble the wagon and take it with you in the plastic box.

The recommended maximum speed is 15 km/hr.

The wheel extends through the ski allowing the sled-wagon to easily pass over exposed ground as well as enabling hinder free passage over snow




The SDS basic kit is delivered with the possibility to build three wagon configurations:

A canoe wagon, a bicycle carriage and garden cart. The kit is packed in a 70 liter plastic box.