The tent is our next product scheduled for 2008


The tent  Smart Tepee One 

We are developing our own tents.

A completely new technical solution for a medium sized tent for up to 14 campers.

It will have the best price in its class.

One adult person can erect it within 15 minutes.

No condensation problems on inside surfaces with very good ventilation.

The tent can stand on its own frame without ropes or tent pegs.

The tent floor is waterproof with an elevated edge able to stand in 5 cm deep water.

Wind and rain shielding entrance is detachable.

The tent is built for mounting a heater stove inside.

A range off tent fabrics are available to meet special needs.

Can also be ordered in a size suitable for twenty persons.


Smart Tepee One  







The tent is developed to withstand tuff conditions in both
summer and winter.

A choice of tent fabrics together with various models of inner tents can be combined to meet all requirements.

          The tent can be erected on
          the ice as a fishing shelter.

          The sturdy internal frame makes 
          this easy since you do not need 
          ropes or pegs to keep 
          it in standing position.

          Inside it is nice and warm with

          a heater stove in the middle.